Rapidly Launch A.I. Assistants

Zero Code platform to power your A.I. in your business.


R.A.M.P. Platform

Build, Manage and Launch A.I. Assistants and Apps.

One Platform

Manage all of your Open A.I. Assistants on one platform with enhanced security, reporting and control.

Zero Code A.I.

Launch an A.I. Assistant with one-click that is already pre-built to support SMS, Email, Voice and Live Chat.

View Conversations

Search and Monitor all conversations via live chat, sms, email and other 3rd party apps between users and A.I. Assistants.

Drag and Drop Training

Support for real-time training via SMS, Email, Live Chat and document uploads for large scale training.

Security and Compliance

Ability to setup security profiles and access to A.I. Assistants and other features.

Easy to Integrate

RAIA provides multiple methods for integration including API, Webhooks and File Uploads.


What good is A.I. if nobody can talk to it?

AI is only as valuable as its ability to interact with humans. RAIA enhances your AI Assistant's communication capabilities across various platforms such as SMS, Email, Voice, Live Chat, and other applications, facilitating engaging conversations. Additionally, RAIA supports both private and public memory, ensuring robust context retention for future interactions.


Keep an Eye on your A.I.

RAMP enables you to oversee and control token usage for individual AI Assistants, guarding against unexpected spikes in OpenAI costs. With Token Tracking, you can conveniently monitor usage per application for each AI Assistant.

RAMP makes it easy to activate and deactivate A.I. Assistants for additional protection in case usage goes beyond your set limits.


RAMP now supports private and public memory for each A.I. Assistant. With Memory, your A.I. Assistant can recall any conversation across all communication channels for your own personal use or for the benefit of anyone talking to your A.I. Assistant.

Cool ways to leverage A.I. Memory
  • Memories (or Memos) are set to private by default. You can instruct your AI Assistant to remember crucial information that you might need at any time. This could include flight details, personal notes, reminders, and other relevant data.

  • Public Memories offer a robust feature if you want your AI Assistant to share memos with anyone who interacts with it. For instance, you can inform your AI that you'll be out of town next week, ensuring that anyone who inquires is provided with the information.


Building A.I. Apps on OpenAI

Here is a breakdown of the benefits of using RAIA RAMP to build, manage and launch A.I. Assistants on the OpenAI Platform.

RAIA If you Build your Own
Built on OpenAI
Access to OpenAI API
Benefits of Future Models
Launch A.I. Assistant
Assistant Management Admin Requires development of an admin application to update and manage A.I. Assistants which includes ability to update instructions, upload files for training and update model. Creating an abstraction layer on top of OpenAI allows you to provide access to team members to launch A.I. Assistants.
Supports SMS (Inbound / Outbound) Requires integration with SMS Provider and development of messaging service to manage incoming and outgoing messages from A.I. Assistant.
Supports Email (Inbound / Outbound) Requires integration with Email Provider and development of messaging service to manage incoming and outgoing messages from A.I. Assistant. Also requires support for personalized domain and DNS Setup.
Supports Voice (Inbound / Outbound) Requires integration with Voice Provider and Generative A.I. Voice. For scale and to reduce latency, application would require additional functionality for building out voice campaigns.
Support Live Chat Requires development of live chat software or integration with 3rd party.
Conversation Search Requires custom development with OpenAI API. Additional requirements include ability to summarize, score and analyze conversations.
User Search Requires custom development to allow for capture of user data, parsing conversations, imports.
Outbound Campaigns Requires custom development of building mass messaging application or integrations with 3rd party.
Access Control Requires building access control (login account, access profiles) for Assistants.
Webhooks Requires building API and Webhook functionality for conversations.
Usage Tracking Requires developing code to tracking token usage, reporting and alerts.
Memory Requires developing ability to store and retrieve consolidated conversations as memories.

One-Stop Solution

Empower your Team to Automate

  • With RAMP you can allow your team to start automating those "5 Minute Tasks" that distract us and slow down our day-to-day business.

  • Our team is here to support you in building solutions to ensure you maximize your return on investment when deploying A.I. in your business.

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