How Can We Help?

  • How does RAIA work?

    RAIA functions like a digital assistant. First, we train it to perform tasks you need, such as qualifying leads. After training, RAIA can communicate through SMS, email, or online chat, both answering and asking questions. Every conversation is stored in your admin panel, making it easy to share via email or integrate directly into your CRM system.

  • How does RAIA actually talk to my Contacts?

    RAIA has the flexibility to engage with your contacts both passively and actively. In passive mode, like with online chat, RAIA responds only when a visitor on your website initiates a conversation. On the other hand, in active mode, RAIA takes the initiative, such as sending SMS messages to follow up with previous leads. You have full control over the initial messages, and the AI is trained to respond and inquire based on your specific guidelines.

  • How do you train RAIA for my business?

    Generative AI, especially with Large Language Models, is great for engaging in conversations. However, it doesn't automatically know the specifics about your business, products, or services. That's where our training comes in. We collaborate with you to gather essential information and document your processes, including important questions. This helps us tailor RAIA to meet your specific needs. Additionally, if you require data collection and integration, we customize RAIA to ensure that this information is relayed back to you in real-time in your existing applications, like CRM or email systems.

  • Is my information secure with RAIA?

    Yes. RAIA is no different that any software-as-a-service product where your contacts and other information is secured behind your login. Your contacts and conversations are not shared with any 3rd parties including the LLM (

    All communications are also monitored via our audit and oversight A.I. as well, to alert us of misuse or abuse from users.

  • How does it connect to my existing CRM or other Apps?
    • API - we provide an API to submit leads to RAIA.

    • File Upload - we support file upload for lead intake.

    • Webhook - we support webhooks for delivering conversations back to your applications.

  • Sign up and manage your account

    You can access your account by clicking on Sign In. After you joined, you should have received an email with your login information. In the welcome email it will also have instructions on how to setup an appointment for on-boarding and how to start training your A.I.

  • Our On-boarding Questionnaire

    Our on-boarding questionnaire kick starts the process for training your A.I. The key pieces include receiving training information, defining business processes, and integration requirements.

    Although we support advanced integration, it is not required. We also support simple configuration where you upload data via a file and receive conversations via email.

  • What we need for Training

    To make sure your AI comprehends your business and can effectively ask and answer important questions about your products and services, we need documentation for training the AI. Besides basic training, we also require specific guidelines on how RAIA should interact with contacts, including what questions to ask and the objectives you want to achieve.

    Here are common resources we have used for other clients:

    • Your Website Link (or sitemap.xml)
    • Any support documentation that provides more insight on your products or services.
    • Any marketing materials in text format.
    • Any Frequently Asked Questions

  • Defining Qualification Questions and Goal

    In order to provide clear instructions for the A.I. to follow when it engages a prospect or customer, it is critical to define your qualification process step-by-step. The more important questions should be asked first and it should follow a natural conversational flow.

    The end goal of the conversation also needs to be clearly defined. For example, if the end goal is schedule an appointment, then it is important to include the link to the booking website. If the goal requires additional information, then it should be incorporated in the questions.

  • Connecting RAIA into your workflow

    RAIA can smoothly fit into your existing workflow, but it's crucial to carefully plan the user journey to ensure a seamless and well-tracked hand-off process. Take lead qualification as an example: it's important to clearly define when a lead is directed to RAIA and, after we analyze and score the conversation based on sentiment, where it should be sent for follow-up.

  • How much does RAIA cost?

    We offer packages for professionals and small businesses who are looking to launch their first A.I. Assistant leveraging our platform. The Professional and Small Business plan includes the A.I. RAMP Platform and support in launching the first A.I. Assistant.

    For businesses looking to launch more than a few A.I. Assistants and Agents to automate processes and scale we offer an Enterprise Plan which is priced on the number of Assistants/Agents launched.

  • What would require professional services?
    • Any customization or training of the A.I. beyond the basic questionnaire we provide on on-boarding.

    • Any support in integration beyond the use of our API and Webhooks.

    • Any consulting required to understand and analyze the use-case of the business.

    • Any additional custom requirements beyond messaging to and from RAIA.

  • Do you require a contract?

    For Premium and Enterprise Plans we do require a contract due to the requirement of ongoing support and development. The length of the contract is based on the amount of custom work and ongoing maintenance required. For the Self-Starter plan we do not require a contract, however there may be a setup fee if custom development is required.

  • What are Tokens?

    OpenAI uses a system called "tokens" to measure the amount of text processed by its AI models, such as ChatGPT. Each token generally represents about four characters of text in English, or roughly one word. When you use OpenAI's services, the system calculates the number of tokens in the text you input and the text the AI generates in response. OpenAI charges for its services based on the number of tokens processed. This means you are billed according to the amount of text interacted with, including both your questions and the AI's replies. This pricing model helps manage the computational resources required to run sophisticated AI models.

  • How is RAIA different than other A.I. products?

    With A.I. taking the world by storm, there are hundreds of different products ranging from image generators to copyright creators. There are very few providers of business-class solutions that deliver solutions for existing challenges. Here are some highlights on how RAIA compares to other products:

    • RAIA supports multiple modes of communication including chat, sms and email. 99% of all other products only support live chat which is the least valuable medium for active outreach leveraging A.I.

    • RAIA provides full access to conversations including a summary and sentiment score. Most other products (including ChatGPT itself) does not share the conversations with the business.

    • RAIA provides easy integration into existing business systems and processes. In most cases, other business A.I. tools are embedded in existing platforms that would require replacing and implementing a new system.

  • What types of business can RAIA help?

    Any business can benefit from A.I. If your business has leads, customers and employees there are numerous use cases that can help you increase revenue and lower costs - while making your business run more efficiently.

    The core use-case we typically start with any customer is lead qualification and conversion. If your business has a different need, we are happy to discuss in detail with you your challenge and if RAIA can provide a strong solution.

  • Can you customize RAIA (e.g. Tone, Language, etc)?

    Yes. RAIA is very customizable and has the same flexibility as ChatGPT (since it is built using the same Open.AI LLM). Here are some aspects that can be customized:

    1. Support for multiple Languages

    2. Tone and Personality

    3. The format and length of responses

    4. Limiting scope of conversation

    5. The name and background of your A.I.

  • Can someone send RAIA an email or SMS?

    Yes. RAIA is provided a dedicated phone number and email address. Anyone can send a txt message or email (out of the blue) and RAIA will respond and start answering and asking questions (just like a human would).

  • Can RAIA speak other Languages

    RAIA is integrated with Open.AI LLM (same as ChatGPT) and does support multiple languages. Any improvements that are made to ChatGPT (Open.AI) will inherently be added to RAIA.

  • What are the risks of having A.I. talk to my contacts?

    Anytime you deploy new technology there should be consideration of new risks that didn't exist before. However, A.I. is certainly unique and gives the perception that it is human (thus prone to say something crazy or obscene). The reality is that A.I. Large Language Models are actually predictable in their behavior. The way generative A.I. works is that it predicts the best word to say next following the sequence of words it said prior. This is based on looking at billions of different data points. There are definitely circumstances where A.I. can answer a question wrong (which is why we monitor and train) but the likelihood that it would cause harm without being prompted by the user is low.

    Effective management and oversight of AI are crucial, akin to supervising human activities. This aspect should be an integral part of your overall strategy. In certain instances, incorporating a disclaimer or revising your terms of service might also be necessary to address these concerns.