We build A.I. solutions for Business.

RAIA was born as a solution to a challenging problem we experienced in our past businesses. We quickly realized that all businesses shared the same problem. Our challenge was providing 24/7 real-time responses to prospects and customers who wanted to speak to a person. With Conversational A.I., we are now able to make the 'impossible' possible.


At our core, we believe in the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, not as a distant future promise, but as a present-day reality. Our mission is to empower businesses to seamlessly integrate AI into their existing business, unlocking new avenues for revenue growth and cost reduction.

Rich Swier FOUNDER

About Constellation Software

Constellation Software is a leading provider of software and services to a select group of public and private sector markets. We acquire, manage and build industry specific software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions that address the particular needs of our customers.

Our businesses continuously develop innovative solutions that enable our customers to achieve their objectives. With over 125,000 customers in over 100 countries and a proven track record of solid growth, we're establishing a broad portfolio of software businesses to provide our customers and shareholders with exceptional returns.

About R.A.I.A.

RAIA was founded in 2021 with the mission of building A.I. business solutions for vertical markets. RAIA has deployed solutions in multiple vertical including real estate, home services, e-commerce, software and hospitality.

Prior to launching RAIA, our team was operating multiple businesses in the real estate division of Constellation leveraging machine learning algorithms to predict future outcomes in the market. Once generative A.I. was commercially available in 2021, we enhanced our platform to support both predictive analytics and conversational A.I. The demand for A.I. powered solutions motivate us to launch RAIA as an independent venture.


RAIA (Revolutionary A.I. Assistant) is the star of our team. We launched RAIA in 2016 as part of our best-in-class platform for the real estate industry. Over the course of five years we enhanced RAIA to provide solutions to other industries focused on supporting sales and support teams.

With the availability of commercial large language models in 2020 we were able to add conversational A.I. to RAIA and expand our solutions beyond machine learning.