Your A.I. Business Assistant

Launch your own A.I. Assistant to save you time from managing incoming requests and questions so you can focus on your work (and get some of your life back).

Answers Calls, SMS and Email

RAIA can respond to incoming requests and gather key information to optimize your day. Tell RAIA what she needs to know via SMS or Email, so she can answer frequently asked questions.

Remembers Everything

RAIA will remember everything (you ask her to) for future recall - saving you time digging through emails or docs looking for the answer.

Build Relationships

RAIA has the ability to import your contacts and start building relationships by remembering conversations and asking for key information from you.

Marketing Team Solution

What is an A.I. Assistant?

In the fast-paced world of business, gaining a competitive edge often means embracing innovative technologies. Among these, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) assistants have emerged as invaluable tools for boosting productivity and efficiency. Understanding what an A.I. assistant entails is key to unlocking its potential within organizational settings.

  • Definition and Functionality: An A.I. assistant is a powerful software program infused with artificial intelligence capabilities, designed to mimic human cognitive functions. It serves as a digital aide, handling tasks ranging from scheduling appointments to complex data analysis. Essentially, it acts as a virtual workforce, augmenting human capabilities and freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives.

  • Applications and Benefits: Businesses leverage A.I. assistants across various functions to streamline operations and drive growth. In customer service, they offer 24/7 support, enhancing customer satisfaction. In sales and marketing, they analyze data to personalize campaigns and optimize strategies. In project management, they facilitate collaboration and provide real-time insights, ensuring projects stay on track. Ultimately, integrating A.I. assistants accelerates processes and fosters innovation.

First Responder

A.I. Assistant can respond to incoming calls, sms or emails to save you time qualifying the requests.


Your A.I. Assistant can remember important information that you provide and recall it for you via SMS or Email.

Route Requests

Automate routing of requests for appointments or frequently asked questions.

Connect to your Apps

AI can integrate into your existing apps to read or write content to automate certain tasks.

How to leverage an A.I. Assistant in your Daily Life

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