Rapidly Launch powerful A.I. Assistants to automate tasks that cost you time and money.

Introducing RAIA ™, a launch pad for businesses to build and manage A.I. Assistants and Agents to automate tasks. Choose any task you want the A.I. Assistant to do and easily train it using our Rapid A.I. Management Platform.


ROI leveraging conversational A.I.


Reduction in cost over alternatives

See A.I. in Action!

Build your first A.I. Assistant in under a minute.

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Launch your A.I. Assistant in seconds.

RAIA enables your business to build, manage and launch A.I. Assistants to tackle tasks that cost you money and cause you pain and suffering 😀.

Create your first A.I.

Launch your first A.I. Assistant on our platform and experience how easy it is to launch conversational A.I. automation.

Customize and Train

Pick any task you want the A.I. Assistant to do and easily train it using our A.I. Assistant Management Platform.

Launch and Share

Launch your A.I. Assistant and share with others on your team to show the power of your A.I and be the hero!

Increase Revenue and Lower Costs with A.I.

Whether you are looking to increase conversion or improve retention, you can put RAIA to work and she will deliver.

Multi Channel

RAIA can hold conversations via SMS, Email or online Chat.

Easy to Integrate

Easily connect your lead source to RAIA via our API or upload.

Track Conversations

Easily route conversations via Email or direct to your CRM.

Automate Tasks and Conversations

Are you wasting thousands of dollars and hours on tasks A.I. could do?

  • 10x your capacity in sales and support leveraging conversational A.I.

  • 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first.

  • 391% increase in lead conversions when responding (conversing) within one minute.

24/7 Availability

RAIA ensures that no potential lead is missed by being available round the clock. This constant presence means that inquiries and leads can be addressed immediately, regardless of time zones or business hours.

Lead Qualification and Prioritization

RAIA can quickly analyze and qualify leads, helping sales teams focus their efforts on the most promising prospects. This efficient sorting saves time and resources, enabling more targeted and effective sales strategies.

Personalized Conversations

RAIA can personalize interactions. Tailored communication significantly increases the chances of conversion as it resonates more with the customer's specific needs and preferences.

RAIA can ask and answer any question you want.

Leverage the capabilities of our Conversational A.I. plaform for business to launch A.I. Assistants. Our platform enables you to customize and train bots to ask about and answer questions regarding your business.

Conversation is the key to Conversion.
  • Unlock the potential for thousands of conversations, overcoming human resource limitations. Achieve the "impossible" in outreach to your contact database.

  • Integrating conversational A.I. into your sales and marketing sequence adds a dynamic touch, enhancing lead qualification and nurturing.

Business Class Solution

A.I. Built for Business

A Business Class AI assistant is essential for businesses looking to integrate AI business applications into their operations and it needs to be designed to communicate smartly, be tailored to the business, keep data safe, and have human oversight for complex issues and iterative training.

  • RAIA can be customized to ask and answer questions and drive calls-to-action that are unique to your business, making it a perfect example of how AI for companies can be utilized effectively.

  • RAIA can be trained on your products and services and access real-time proprietary data when required.


Understands and responds accurately to various communication styles in SMS, email, and live chat.


Customizable to fit specific business needs and seamlessly integrates with existing systems.


Ensures strong protection of sensitive information and complies with data privacy regulations.


Includes mechanisms for human review and intervention in complex or sensitive situations.


Conversations with Prospects


Open Rate on SMS Conversations


Reduction in Qualification Costs

Easy Integration

Easily connect RAIA to your existing business apps.

  • RAIA supports real-time lead intake via API and support for uploading files containing contact information.

  • RAIA can deliver conversation results via email as well as webhooks.

First we Train and Test

Once you sign up the first step is training the A.I. to understand your business and being able to ask the right questions and answer the common questions.

Track and Improve

Once we go live, we track and monitor the conversations to help us know what to adjust to optimize the experience.

Analyze Results

Finally, we measure the one thing that counts - conversion. Successful outcomes are used to fine-tune the A.I. model to improve future conversations.


Customers Love RAIA

Learn how we help customers increase revenue and lower expenses (and save their team from wasting time).

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Questions & Answers

If you have more questions than answers, please sign up for a demo :)

1. What is RAIA, and how can it help my business?

RAIA is an AI platform for businesses. We provide a comprehensive suite of tools and features that enable organizations to harness AI to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

2. Are AI personal assistants good for my business?

Yes, our AI personal assistants are highly effective, leveraging generative AI to provide accurate and helpful responses, streamline tasks, and offer personalized support, making them an invaluable tool for increasing productivity and enhancing daily life.

3. What LLM powers RAIA?

RAIA currently is using OpenAI as the primary LLM. All other features are proprietary and built separately to support advanced functionality like dynamic prompting, 3rd party integration, oversight and auditing and support for communication like SMS and Email.

4. How can generative AI benefit my business?

Generative AI for business uses an AI assistant that can automate tasks, enhance customer experiences, and increase productivity. It can also provide personalized recommendations, generate content, and analyze data to inform business decisions.

5. How does RAIA engage a Contact (e.g. Lead)?

RAIA supports both inbound and outbound actions. A contact can connect with RAIA as chat experience on a website, receive a SMS or Email from RAIA after filling out a lead capture form or simply by receiving communication direct from RAIA any time.

6. How does RAIA send and receive Messages?

Every client is provided a custom instance of RAIA with a unique phone number, email and API key to ensure all communications are delivered to and from their RAIA.

7. Why is having an AI Platform Important?

A platform provides those key components that are not provided by your standard LLM. These features include supporting "human interfaces" like SMS, Email and other Communication Tools. AI for companies requires tools to help manage the deployment of agents which includes security, reporting and much more.

8. How does RAIA know about my business?

Prior to launch, we train RAIA on your business including your products and services. More importantly, we train RAIA on what questions you want to ask and what is the end goal of each conversation.

9. How can I see the conversations?

We provide a web-based application for you to view all conversations. You can also setup our application to deliver each conversation via email or post to a webhook (so you can integrate into your CRM).

10. Can I train RAIA to do anything I want?

The short answer is "yes", however depending on your use-case it may require custom work to make it happen. Our core platform allows for you to train your A.I. on any subject matter, ask and answer any questions and drive toward a result. Although we focus on sales, we can certainly support other processes.

11. How do it integrating into my existing business?

RAIA allows for easy integration via API and webhook. In most cases, customers may use Zapier to connect their existing apps to RAIA. For most of the common uses cases, Integration may not be needed since we also support simple email notifications.

12. Do you provide a free trial of your A.I. Assistant?

Yes, you can build your first A.I. Assistant in a matter of minutes and see how it works.

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