Top 10 AI-Powered Add-Ons to Supercharge Google Sheets



Google Sheets has evolved far beyond a simple spreadsheet tool. Today, it offers a range of functionalities that make it possible to perform intricate data analysis, automate repetitive tasks, and generate insightful reports. The power and versatility of Google Sheets can be significantly enhanced with the help of AI-powered add-ons. In this blog, we will discuss ten standout AI-powered add-ons that can dramatically boost productivity and simplify workflows.


Ajelix is a multifaceted add-on designed to speed up spreadsheet tasks remarkably. One of its most prominent features is the ability to write and explain formulas instantly. This is immensely helpful for users who may not have a strong grasp of complex formulas, as it provides clarity and saves time. Additionally, Ajelix can translate entire sheets and perform various other functions efficiently. It is tailor-made for users looking to ease the management of complex tasks.


Coefficient takes Google Sheets' capabilities to another level by integrating with ChatGPT. This add-on automates tasks such as data summarization and formatting, which can otherwise be painstaking when done manually. By connecting ChatGPT, users can leverage this tool to perform repetitive tasks seamlessly, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Numerous AI

Numerous A.I. is a game-changer for both beginners and experienced professionals. It eliminates the need to write or remember complex formulas by integrating with ChatGPT, enabling users to perform almost any task effortlessly. The ease of use and versatility of Numerous A.I. make it an invaluable tool for streamlining workflows and improving productivity in Google Sheets.

Formula Bot

One of the most time-consuming aspects of using Google Sheets is creating complex formulas. Formula BOT simplifies this by converting text instructions into formulas instantly. This means users no longer need to struggle with the intricacies of formula syntax, as the add-on takes care of it, saving time and effort.


PromptLoop leverages A.I. to manage text directly within Google Sheets, transforming, extracting, or summarizing it as needed. This add-on is particularly useful for managing SEO and sales lists, offering powerful text management capabilities that can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy in handling large volumes of text data.

Power Tools

Data manipulation can be a daunting task, but Power Tools makes it much simpler with features like Split Names and Remove Duplicates. These functionalities are designed to streamline data-cleaning tasks, ensuring that your data is accurate and well-organized. Power Tools is perfect for users who frequently deal with large datasets that require meticulous attention.


Manual data entry can be incredibly time-consuming, especially when dealing with data from PDFs. DocParser automates this process by extracting data from PDFs and populating Google Sheets with the parsed information. This can save users hours of manual data entry and significantly streamline workflows.


For users who need to analyze text data, MonkeyLearn offers robust functionalities like text tagging, sentiment analysis, and keyword extraction. These features are seamlessly integrated into Google Sheets, making it easy to perform complex text analysis tasks without needing to export data to another platform.

Two Minute Reports

Two Minute Reports simplifies the process of creating dashboards and analyzing data from multiple sources by connecting them to Google Sheets. This add-on automates reporting, making it easier to generate insightful reports quickly and efficiently.

Simple ML for Sheets

One of the standout features of Simple ML for Sheets is its accessibility. Users with no prior experience in machine learning can build A.I. models effortlessly. The add-on supports predictive analytics and various other A.I. functionalities, making it an excellent tool for users looking to incorporate advanced analytics into their workflows without needing extensive technical knowledge.


These AI-powered add-ons for Google Sheets offer a variety of functionalities that can transform productivity and simplify workflows. From automating complex tasks to enhancing data analysis and reporting capabilities, these tools cater to different business needs, helping users fully leverage the power of A.I. within Google Sheets.