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Complete list of features available in our pricing plans

Sandbox LaunchPad Enterprise
DIY A.I. Assistants 5 10 Custom
Custom Built A.I. Assistants 0 1 3
R.A.M.P. Platform
File Import Training
Conversational Training
Real-Time API Training
A.I. Memory
Web Chat
Voice Inbound
Voice Outbound
SMS Inbound
SMS Outbound
Email Inbound
Email Outbound
Upload Contacts Up to 5,000 / month Custom
API / Webhook Integration
Multi-Language Support
CRM Integration Support
Custom Domain
Tokens Per Month 1M 10M Custom
Customer Support Email / Chat Email / Chat Dedicated

Questions & Answers

Here are some common questions future customers ask us...

1. How did you come up with your Pricing?

Our pricing depends on three key factors. Firstly, it covers our core offering: a business-class AI Assistant that handles messaging through SMS, Email, and online chat, along with our SAAS platform for managing conversations and integrations. Secondly, it includes the manpower for training and customizing the AI to suit our customers' needs. Lastly, it accounts for the hard costs associated with the volume of conversations handled by the core Large Language Model.

We've also considered the value of our solution relative to existing business solutions, aiming for cost savings exceeding 80%. A simple cost comparison between AI and a full-time employee illustrates this: the hourly cost of AI is under $1, even on a 24/7 schedule, whereas the average cost for an entry-level employee is around $20 per hour.

2. How should I measure potential ROI?

Our customers typically measure ROI by new revenue capture and cost reduction. Using an AI sales assistant boosts appointment numbers through 24/7 real-time responses and conversational qualification. It also saves costs by optimizing sales rep time and reducing the need for call centers, offshore resources or similar services, thanks to AI efficiency.

3. Is there a contract?

We don't require a contract for the Self Starter plan as it doesn't include professional services or AI Assistant customization. However, contracts are necessary for the Premium and Enterprise plans due to their specific requirements. This ensures we allocate resources appropriately for development and services. Additionally, we often reduce or waive setup costs depending on the contract length.

4. Do you offer Solutions to any Business?

Yes, we are confident that AI and our products can be advantageous for any business or organization. The initial step involves identifying a specific need within your business, such as increasing sales appointments or enhancing lead response time. Once identified, we can collaborate to devise a tailored solution. Generally, AI can significantly impact based on its 24/7 availability, immediate response times, and training tailored to your business.

5. How can I trust your business will be around tomorrow?

In the rapidly growing field of AI, choosing the right partner for your AI solution is crucial. RAIA, with over 9 years of experience in delivering AI products, stands out in this landscape. We began with Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, and have evolved into generative AI in recent years. As a part of Constellation Software, a public company serving over 125,000 customers in more than 100 countries, RAIA's commitment to leadership in AI and provision of best-in-class solutions for various markets ensures our enduring presence and reliability.

6. What is the best way to compare you to other providers?

When evaluating AI products, it's essential to make like-for-like comparisons. The AI landscape is diverse and can be complex to navigate. Our specialty lies in creating business-class solutions using conversational AI to enhance sales and support functions. Key features to consider in other solutions include: 1) Multi-Channel communication capabilities, such as SMS, Email, and Live Chat; 2) Integration with your existing systems; and 3) The ability to audit, summarize, and score conversations based on sentiment, ensuring that qualified opportunities are promptly routed to your team.

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