Strategic Impact of Intelligent Automation: Elevating Business Efficiency with IA



In an era where efficiency and productivity are paramount, Intelligent Automation (IA) is emerging as a strategic game-changer for organizations worldwide. Historically used as an operational tool, IA is now recognized for its ability to transform business processes at a strategic level, leading to substantial financial benefits. A comprehensive study conducted by SS&C Blue Prism and Forrester Consulting over three years illustrates how organizations have significantly improved productivity, compliance, and overall employee experience through IA.

The Financial Impact of Intelligent Automation

The study highlights an impressive average net present value (NPV) of $53.4 million per customer due to Intelligent Automation. Specific sectors, such as healthcare, have reaped even more substantial benefits. For instance, one healthcare client saved over $140 million, while another recouped $43 million through a BOT created during the pandemic. These figures underscore the potential return on investment (ROI) and cost savings achievable through the strategic implementation of IA.

Key Technologies in Intelligent Automation

IA encompasses a range of technologies, from traditional tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to advanced forms that integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI). These technologies enable the efficient handling of both structured and unstructured data, significantly speeding up processes and improving accuracy. Notably, SS&C Blue Prism's document automation capabilities streamline data extraction from documents, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Process Orchestration and Efficiency

SS&C Blue Prism's process orchestration tool, Chorus, exemplifies the advanced capabilities of IA by providing end-to-end process visibility and efficiency. Although initially designed for finance and insurance, its effectiveness extends beyond these sectors, demonstrating versatility in various business applications. The adoption of intelligent automation allows businesses to reimagine processes, drive innovation, and achieve transformative results.

The Role of Citizen Builders

A critical component of successful IA implementation is the concept of citizen builders - employees deeply familiar with their business processes who leverage automation tools to drive change. Segura from SS&C Blue Prism emphasizes that with the right tools and supportive culture, citizen builders can significantly impact organizational efficiency and innovation. This approach requires continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving business rules and objectives.

Ensuring Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

For organizations to ensure continuous improvement and adaptation in their IA initiatives, a disciplined and structured approach is essential. Iterative refinement through close collaboration between technical and business teams enables ongoing optimization of automation solutions. By regularly reviewing and updating their IA strategies, organizations can maintain alignment with business objectives and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Challenges in Implementing IA Technologies

Despite the advantages, implementing IA technologies like RPA and OCR comes with challenges. Potential hurdles include resistance to change, integration issues with existing systems, and the need for ongoing maintenance and updates. Additionally, ensuring data security and managing the complexities of unstructured data require robust governance frameworks and skilled personnel. Organizations must address these challenges to fully realize the benefits of IA.

Case Example: US Retail Client

A major US retail client exemplifies the strategic benefits of disciplined IA adoption. By processing 6.2 million transactions and returning 250,000 hours of work, the company demonstrated how structured IA initiatives could lead to significant productivity gains. This success story highlights the importance of iterative refinement and collaboration between technical and business teams, which are crucial for effective IA deployment.


Intelligent Automation is a powerful enabler for organizations seeking to transform their operations and achieve strategic objectives. Through financial benefits, enhanced efficiency, and employee satisfaction, IA offers a robust value proposition. SS&C Blue Prism's advocacy and innovative IA solutions continue to drive industry-wide adoption, unlocking the potential of citizen builders and aligning with long-term business goals. The key to harnessing the full potential of IA lies in continuous improvement, strategic implementation, and overcoming the challenges associated with advanced automation technologies.


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