Get Advice from Your Future Self: Exploring MIT's Future You Project



Imagine having the ability to seek advice from your future self. Picture the wisdom and insight you'd gain from conversations with a version of yourself that's already navigated through life's challenges and triumphs. This futuristic concept is being brought to life thanks to researchers at MIT, who have developed the 'Future You' project. This innovative A.I. chatbot is designed to help you make better decisions by simulating conversations with your 60-year-old self.

The Future You Project

The Future You project is not just an AI; it's a tool that fosters long-term thinking and encourages positive behavioral changes. Users start by answering a series of questions about their current selves and their future goals. Additionally, they upload a photo of themselves, which is then digitally aged to create a realistic future persona. This process creates a more authentic and personalized experience when interacting with the chatbot.

How It Works

Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3.5, the chatbot generates insights and advice based on the user's input. The goal is to create a reflective experience where individuals are encouraged to contemplate their future decisions. The A.I. uses the information provided to simulate a conversation with a future self that is as believable as possible.

Promising Initial Trials

Initial trials with 344 volunteers have been promising. Participants reported feeling less anxious and more connected to their future selves after interacting with the chatbot. Behavioral expert Ivo Vlaev commends the project for its potential to positively influence decision-making. According to Vlaev, the key to the tool's success lies in the authenticity and relevance of the chatbot's conversations. If users perceive the interactions as genuine and insightful, the impact on their behavior could be significant.

The Importance of Authenticity

The effectiveness of the Future You project hinges on the authenticity of the simulated conversations. Genuine and insightful interactions can greatly influence users' decision-making and behavior. However, if the interactions seem superficial or irrelevant, the benefits might be limited. Therefore, continuous improvement and personalization of the AI's responses are crucial to the success of this project.


The Future You project is an exciting step forward in the application of A.I. for personal development and decision-making. By allowing individuals to engage in meaningful conversations with their future selves, this tool has the potential to promote long-term thinking and positive behavioral changes. As the project continues to evolve, it could become a valuable resource for anyone looking to make more informed and thoughtful life decisions.