Enhance AI Productivity and Creativity with New Tutorials and Tools



In the rapidly evolving world of AI, staying updated with the latest tools and tutorials is crucial for maximizing productivity and unlocking creative potential. The latest Daily Digest from Ben's Bites serves this purpose by highlighting several noteworthy updates and tools for A.I. enthusiasts. This blog delves into these exciting new tutorials and tools, answering key questions about their functionalities and benefits.

New A.I. Tutorials

Embed Native Text-to-Speech

Platform: ElevenLabs' Audio Native
Function: This tutorial guides users on embedding native text-to-speech functionalities into their blog posts. This feature allows readers to listen to the content, providing an alternative to traditional reading and making the content more accessible to a broader audience.

Automate Social Asset Creation

Tools: Zapier and OpenAI
Function: Through this tutorial, users learn how to automate the transformation of blog posts into engaging social media assets. By leveraging Zapier and OpenAI, bloggers can effortlessly share content across various social platforms, boosting engagement and expanding their reach.

Transform Long-Form Content

Tool: Spiral
Function: This tutorial focuses on converting lengthy newsletters and transcripts into concise social media posts using Spiral. This approach enhances content accessibility and increases its reach by distilling complex information into easily digestible formats.

Product Roadmap Templates

Tool: ChatGPT
Function: In this tutorial, users are taught how to generate customized product roadmap templates with the help of ChatGPT. This tool streamlines project planning and management, providing a clear, structured overview of a product's development path.

Project Retrospective Facilitation

Tool: ChatGPT
Function: This tutorial assists teams in conducting structured project post-mortems. By identifying lessons learned and areas for improvement, teams can enhance their future projects' success rate. Though specific techniques used within this process are not detailed in the summary, ChatGPT typically employs structured questioning and data analysis to guide these retrospectives.

Top Tools


Feature: Real-time coding collaboration
Benefit: Paird simplifies the process of working on coding projects simultaneously with others, facilitating smoother teamwork and collaboration.

Screen Pipe

Feature: AI-powered personal assistant
Benefit: This tool offers personalized assistance based on a comprehensive understanding of the user's activities, aiding in daily life and task management.

Invoice Detector

Feature: Monthly invoice aggregation
Benefit: Invoice Detector collects all invoices in a single, manageable place, simplifying financial tracking and management.

Viggle AI

Feature: Animation tool
Benefit: This tool animates characters and images, bringing creative projects to life with dynamic visual elements.


Feature: Fashion matching tool
Benefit: Snatched helps users find and match clothing pieces to create ideal outfits, enhancing personal styling efforts.


Feature: Idea searching
Benefit: By allowing users to search for concepts rather than just keywords, BeyondPDF enhances research and discovery, providing deeper insights into various topics.

Industry News

The Daily Digest also includes critical updates on various industry news:

Small Improvements, Big Changes

This segment highlights the significant impact that incremental advances in technology can have on the industry.

OpenAI Security Breach

A report on a past security incident where a hacker accessed internal conversations at OpenAI, underscoring the importance of cybersecurity in A.I. development.

Apple vs. Android Intelligence

This article compares the A.I. capabilities of Apple's system with Android's hybrid approach, providing insights into their respective strengths and weaknesses.

OpenAI and Copyright Issues

OpenAI challenges the New York Times to prove the originality of its articles in the face of AI's growing influence, sparking conversations about intellectual property and AI.

Hedra and ElevenLabs Collaboration

This collaboration integrates voice into video content, enhancing the multimedia experience. By pairing Hedra's video capabilities with ElevenLabs' voice technology, the partnership aims to create more engaging and dynamic video content.

Generative A.I. in Contract Management

An examination of how A.I. is revolutionizing the management of legal contracts, streamlining processes, and reducing manual workloads.

VC Investments in AI

A discussion on the venture capital firms most significantly impacted by the rise of AI, providing insights into the financial landscape of the industry.

Ben's Bites Insights

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The latest tutorials and tools featured in Ben's Bites Daily Digest offer A.I. enthusiasts numerous ways to enhance productivity and creativity. From embedding text-to-speech to automating social asset creation, these resources are invaluable for anyone looking to leverage AI's full potential. Stay tuned to Ben's Bites for more updates and insights into the ever-evolving A.I. landscape.