A I. Update: Pixel 9's AI Suite, Meta's 3D Innovations, and Apple's Potential Move in AI



Welcome to today's digest, where we delve into the latest technological advancements brought to you by leading industry giants. We will explore Google's introduction of a new A.I. suite for the Pixel 9, Meta's innovative 3D asset generation system, and Apple's potential move with OpenAI's board. Additionally, we highlight updates on emergent A.I. tools and offer insights into recent funding news and industry developments.

Google Pixel 9's A.I. Suite

Google is set to enhance its user experience with the new Pixel 9 smartphone through the introduction of a suite of A.I. tools dubbed Google AI. This suite includes an array of features aimed at making everyday tasks more efficient and enjoyable through powerful A.I. integrations.

Add Me

One notable feature is Add Me, which leverages advanced A.I. to seamlessly integrate the photographer into group photos. This tool eliminates the age-old problem of missing group shots and makes creating complete memories easier than ever.


Studio is another innovative tool within the Google A.I. suite, designed for creative edits. Whether you're a professional photographer or a casual hobbyist, Studio offers a suite of powerful editing options powered by A.I. to elevate your photos to the next level.

Pixel Screenshots

Pixel Screenshots is a privacy-focused feature that offers a unique twist on Microsoft's Recall feature. This tool enables users to manage and share screenshots securely, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.

Meta's 3D Generation System

Meta continues to pave the way in A.I. innovations with its rapid 3D asset generation system. This new system is capable of creating high-quality 3D assets from text prompts within just a minute, significantly outpacing current solutions both in speed and quality.

Speed and Quality

Unlike traditional systems that may take several minutes or even hours to render detailed 3D assets, Meta's system boasts a 3-10 times faster performance. This leap in speed does not compromise quality, delivering stunning, detailed 3D models that can be used in various applications, from game development to virtual reality environments.

Ease of Use

Meta's 3D generation system is designed for ease of use, enabling even those with minimal technical expertise to generate high-quality 3D assets. The system's ability to transform simple text prompts into intricate 3D models has the potential to democratize 3D content creation, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

In comparison to existing solutions, Meta's new system sets a new benchmark for both efficiency and quality, promising to revolutionize the field of 3D asset creation.

Apple's Potential Role with OpenAI

In an exciting development, Apple is reported to consider joining OpenAI's board as an observer. Represented by Phil Schiller, Apple's App Store chief, this move could provide Apple with direct insights into OpenAI's operations, similar to Microsoft's current involvement.

Strategic Insights

Apple's potential involvement with OpenAI could strategically influence its future A.I. developments. By having a front-row seat to OpenAI's innovative projects and research, Apple could integrate advanced A.I. technologies into its products more effectively. This collaboration might pave the way for more cutting-edge A.I. features in Apple's ecosystem, enhancing user experiences across its devices.

No Official Confirmation

While the news has generated excitement in the tech community, it's important to note that there has been no official confirmation from either Apple or OpenAI regarding the move. Nevertheless, the potential collaboration underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in driving A.I. advancements.

Featured A.I. Tools

In addition to the major announcements from Google, Meta, and Apple, there is a plethora of emergent A.I. tools making waves in the industry. These tools are designed to enhance various aspects of our daily lives and professional workflows.


Intercom stands out as an AI-first customer service platform, offering 24/7 support with instant case resolutions. This platform leverages A.I. to streamline customer interactions and provide efficient, responsive service at any time.

Magic Relight by EverArt AI

For those interested in advanced image editing, Magic Relight by EverArt A.I. offers sophisticated tools for setting and lighting edits. This tool allows users to achieve professional-grade enhancements with minimal effort.

Pro Search in Perplexity AI

Pro Search in Perplexity A.I. is designed to solve complex queries, providing users with precise, comprehensive answers. Its advanced search algorithms and AI-powered interface make it an invaluable tool for researchers and professionals.

Iconic Voices by Eleven Labs

Iconic Voices is a fascinating tool by Eleven Labs that brings the voices of iconic stars to life, reading books and articles aloud. This feature adds a unique, engaging element to the consumption of written content.

GPT4All 3.0

GPT4All 3.0 is a desktop chatbot app running on local LLMs (large language models). This tool provides responsive, intelligent conversations without the need for an internet connection, making it ideal for privacy-conscious users.


For travel enthusiasts, Wanderboat offers tailored travel recommendations and ideas. Its AI-driven suggestions cater to users' preferences, making travel planning both exciting and personalized.


Released helps teams share product plans and updates easily from Jira, streamlining communication and project management within organizations.

Industry News and Developments

The A.I. landscape is constantly evolving, and today's news highlights some significant developments and trends shaping the future of the industry.

AI Product Building

Insights from top product builders reveal counterintuitive strategies for A.I. product development. These strategies challenge conventional wisdom and offer fresh perspectives on creating innovative A.I. solutions.

Agentic Spectrum

The Agentic Spectrum concept explores different levels of autonomy for A.I. agents. Understanding these levels is crucial for developing A.I. systems that operate effectively and ethically.

Beyond LLMs

Foundation Capital's recipe for creating A.I. solutions beyond large language models (LLMs) emphasizes the importance of diverse approaches and technologies in driving A.I. innovation.

AI in Retail

The impact of A.I. on the retail industry is profound, with advancements transforming everything from customer service to inventory management. Analyzing these changes helps businesses adapt and thrive in a technology-driven market.

Goldman Sachs on Gen AI

Goldman Sachs raises important questions about the balance between A.I. spending and benefits. Their insights shed light on the economic considerations surrounding A.I. investments.

Sentient Fundraising

In the realm of funding, Sentient has raised $85 million to drive the development of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) on blockchain. This investment highlights the growing interest in combining A.I. with blockchain technology.

Runway A.I. Funding

Runway A.I. is reportedly in talks to secure funding at a $4 billion valuation. Such significant investment underscores the confidence investors have in the potential of A.I. to revolutionize various industries.

Magic A.I. Coding Startup

Magic AI, a coding startup, is seeking a $1.5 billion valuation in a new funding round. This ambitious goal reflects the high expectations for AI-driven solutions in software development.

Biden's Tech Investment

The U.S. government's commitment to advancing technology is evident in President Biden's $504 million investment in tech hubs. This funding aims to foster innovation and support emerging tech startups across the country.

Saving Languages with AI

Jack Connor's project to save endangered languages with A.I. received a $100,000 grant. This initiative showcases the potential of A.I. to preserve cultural heritage and linguistic diversity.

Microsoft's GraphRAG

Microsoft has released GraphRAG, an open-source framework for complex data discovery. This tool provides a powerful resource for extracting valuable insights from vast datasets.

Apple's A.I. Model Demo

Finally, Apple has publicly demoed its '4M' A.I. model, showcasing its capabilities and potential applications. This demonstration highlights Apple's ongoing commitment to advancing A.I. technologies.


Today's digest has covered significant advancements from Google, Meta, and Apple, along with updates on various emergent A.I. tools and industry news. As these tech giants continue to innovate and push the boundaries of AI, we can expect exciting developments that will shape the future of technology.

Answers to Questions

  • Meta's new 3D generation system: Meta's system offers unprecedented speed, producing 3D assets from text prompts within a minute, compared to the several minutes required by existing solutions. The quality is also superior, providing detailed, high-quality assets that can be used in diverse applications.
  • Apple's involvement with OpenAI: Apple's potential role as an observer on OpenAI's board could provide strategic insights into leading A.I. technologies. This could influence Apple's A.I. strategies, enabling the integration of advanced A.I. features into its products and services. However, there has been no official confirmation yet.
  • Privacy implications of Google's Pixel Screenshots: Google's Pixel Screenshots feature aims to enhance privacy by providing secure management and sharing of screenshots, diverging from Microsoft's Recall feature by focusing on protecting sensitive information.